A “Human Resources Department” vs. a “Personnel Department”

In case you haven’t noticed, there has been a steady evolution of the Human Resources profession. The days of having a door with “Personnel” written on it with “girls” inside handling administrative tasks like “ten keying” time cards, cutting payroll checks, faxing in insurance enrollments and typing up dictated policy memos to the office is disappearing.

Today we live in a world of software automation, high ticket and ever-changing healthcare requirements, lawsuits, department of labor audits and employees who change jobs as often as they change shirts.  Business leaders have far more information at their fingertips, like: how competitors compensate their employees (which can be seen by businesses AND employees), what a “best place to work” looks like, real time data from government agencies on legal requirements, social media outlets, job boards, real-time news feeds and an avalanche of other data which is used to shape business today.  These tools enable executives to work more strategically.

The purely tactical “Personnel” departments of the past have been replaced with HR Professionals of today, who have college degrees, work side by side with the finance department, provide strategic guidance and metrics to investors and company officers, hold positions on the executive team, measure risk for breakfast and last, but not least, design and execute on activities that push the company’s workforce in a direction that aligns with success.

Do you still have a “Personnel” department? Learn more about the Human Resources of today.