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Each year, we have seniors who go through the holiday season without family to care for them.
If you would like to make a donation, please help with some basic holiday items.

These are some of the seniors in Austin RNS in need of holiday cheer:

1 Ethel (F) A gentle spirit, she gets cold a lot.

  • Beef ramen Noodles
  • Very warm nightie, size Large
  • Slippers size 8 ½ slip ons 

2 Betty (F) She spends her days working on cheer projects (making bookmarks with stickers on them and little booklets of positive sayings to give people to cheer them up).

  • A mid-calf length dress in a bright color (Size 2X or 18)
  • Stickers and maybe some other decorations for her cheer projects

3 Tony (M) A man who has trouble speaking but can sing a Beatles song.  Always out for activities and company.

  • Ramen – chicken
  • Red Long sleeve Henley style shirt size 5X long sleeve
  • Sweat pants 5X dark colored
  • Socks 5X  extra large

4 Kizzy (F) A talkative lady who’s been waiting for this coat for a while now.

  • “I would love a beautiful coat black” (Size XL) – New or gently used are both fine!  Calf-length.

5 Stephanie (F) A very alert, dignified former military lady. Really charming.

  • A dog or puppy calendar (may be available at the Dollar Store)
  • Musk Body Spray/li>
  • Women’s size med. Sweat pants – open cuff, two pair, if possible

6 Lorraine (F) Middle nineties and just as transparently beautiful as only real seniors can be.

  • Obsession perfume (She said “I LOVE Obsession perfume. The “knock offs” are ok, too!”) So she would be happy with either
  • Large print word find books (a pack of 10-12 – Any are good, samples here.)

7 Leif (M) Quiet and studious fellow.

  • Subscription to times magazine
  • Size 36” dress pants [dockers are fine in black]

8 Bruce (M) Artist type. Quiet and always producing paintings.

  • Art supplies details to follow
  • Regular bed pillow Med. Firmness
  • Underwear details to follow

9 Karen (F) A friendly, attractive, well-groomed lady.

  • Shoes

10 Cecil (M) A gentle giant type. Very endearing man to meet. Big Cowboys fan.

  • Asked for a winter coat – black, size to be determined
  • Cowboys memorabilia

11 Kenneth (M) Affable man with engaging smile.

  • Winter coat, brown, size Large NO Wool – not workable in this laundry

12 Willie (M) Quiet, very Christian man.

  • Watch –  analog 
  • Old Spice deodorant

13 Cathy (F) Charming spritely lady with a twinkle in her eye.

  • James Patterson book, Alex Cross – “Cross Down” Hardback

14 Carolyn M. (F)

  • Tim LaHaye novels Christian Mysteries [ left behind ] any in large print

15 Patricia F. (F) This lady is instantly liked by all she meets.

  • Nightgown size 3X  & soft booties
  • Purse- black with zipper and dividers
  • Any extra layer to help her stay warm 

16 Tammy H. (F) Big smiles and lots of gratitude for gifts.

  • Orange slice candies
  • King Kong memorabilia (stuffed animal)
  • Socks larger sized

17 Lois (F) Quiet country-style lady.

  • Large size socks [ 3X ] Blue and green colors
  • Chocolate Cookies [soft ] 2 pkgs.

18 John T. (M) Quiet man with endearing smile, loves to talk about Seattle.

  • Seattle Sea Hawks  Sweatshirt, Size XXL, color Blue
  • Summer sausage and ritz crackers

19 Chandos (M)

  • Collin Street Fruit Cake

20 Jo D. (F) Got a lot of style, former professional rock singer.

  • Sweater Green size XL
  • Jeans, black  size – to be determined

21 Carey (M) Veteran and jokester, he’s quite a character.

  • NY Giants or Miami Hurricanes Sweatshirt size XL
  • Flannel Shirt size XL red, blue, or green

22 Norman (M) Musician and former machinist with many interests.

  • Harmonica key of A
  • Harmonica holder for over your neck
  • Slip on shoes size 13

23 Todd (M) Long term resident never misses an activity.

  • Slippers size 10 ½ 
  • Reeses peanut butter cups

24 Richard (M) Always joking, loves the music events.

  • Pants size 35” by 29” elastic waist band, dark colors

25 Barry (M) Brand new resident.

  • Red PJ’s size Larrge

26 Lisa (F) Louisiana lady who loves her Alma Mater, Texas Tech.

  • Texas TechSweatshirt, size XL

27 Nahideh (F) Friendly and often looking out for others.

  • Shoes 8 1/2 tennis shoes lace up but slip on style with flexible fabric
  • Pants, orange or brown open cuff size medium

28 Diana (F) I thought Diana didn’t speak. I tried a few days. But I found she will speak to Frank, a young attendant there. He wakes her calling her beautiful and gives her little shoulder rubs. Then this huge smile breaks out. Frank coaxed a list.

  • Pajamas size (XL)
  • Warm sweater, synthetic fabric, size XL
  • Chocolate – Boy, her eyes got really wide when I said this.
  • Non-skid booties

29 Nicole (F)

  • Shampoo “Head and Shoulders”
  • Lavender scented body wash

30 Lucille C. (F) Dear lady with adoring family, very alert and personable.

  • Small black purse, cross body strap, dividers, and zipper

31 Derek (M) Quiet young man, doesn’t socialize much but enjoys company.

  • Sweatshirt size Large with “The Hulk”

32 Tami (F) Everyone’s sweetheart, always helpful and kind to others.

  • 6-10 word search books (probably doesn’t need large print)
    You NEVER see Tami without a word search book. Having a good supply of them would make her SO HAPPY!

33 Tim (M) President of the residents council, always looking out for “his people.”

  • A nice set of headphones

34 Queenie (F) Tall, dignified lady, pretty new.

  • “Housecoats” light weight fabric, summer colors

35 Lou (M) Musician and artist. Lover of old movies, born and raised in NYC.

  • Black button down shirt 50/50 fabric
  • Back Jeans size TBA

36 Mantra (M) True southern Gentleman manners, lovely man.

37 Nathaniel B. (M)

38 Michelle C. (F) Tender hearted, soft spoken little lady. Love her smile.

39 Renee C. (F) Easy to talk to and very new to this center. Cold a whole lot of the time.

  • Very warm single size quilt
  • Very warm (synthetic fabric) button up sweater. Blue or green, size XL

40 Briant F. (M) Maybe in need of clothes.

41 Bryant G. (M) 

42 Clifford C. (M) Last year needed hats and gloves.

43 Joanne K. (F)

44 Paul K. (M) 

45 Jesus M. (M) Soft spoken, new resident.

Adopt Here

If you choose to drop your gift at our collection location, please leave it at our vcfo office, 6836 Austin Center Blvd., #280, Austin, Texas, 78731
Tuesday through Thursday between 8:30 and 4:30. The last drop-off date is Thursday, December 14.  

vcfo is assisting Nancy Lehman in her support of RNC this Holiday Season. If you have any questions, please reach out to mhartman@vcfo.com

Thank you for making the holiday a little warmer this year!